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‘I often dream about living in a secret territory where magical beings, wise ancient spirits and surrealist adventures exist.’

I was born in the winter of 1990, by the beautiful Mediterranean coast of Turkey which has a diverse history and heritage that affected my imagination immensely. As a child who always played around the ancient ruins, I was fascinated by the artworks and mythology humans created to tell stories through their perception of life, or just to make their existence a little meaningful.


Driven by questions like ‘What are we doing here?’ and inspired by the sound of the sea, I started drawing and painting from an early age on to express my feelings about life, death and the human psyche and never stopped since then.

Painting to me is like an expedition to the unknown where I can discover new answers and possibilities. While painting I like to be experimental with vivid colors and bold shapes to allow the eyes to float on the painting to catch different details. Everytime I look at them they must reveal another truth about themselves and spark the will to discover the “depths” even more, and I would like my paintings to have the same effect on the audience. It is probably because, in the ideal world of mine, all of us look beyond the surface and keep looking until we start to reveal what really is going on.

I know that a painting is finished when it comes alive and invites me to interact to dive together into its world. I see paintings as friends and wise companions that have something to say and I enjoy having a few drinks looking at them while listening to their stories.

I am currently living  and working in Berlin. Contact me vie e-mail for inquiries, collaboration ideas or just having a chat on inspirational topics. Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you like what you experience!


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